Surveyors make use of high-tech surveying equipment in order to create maps, settings, and measurements for any application.

To accomplish a well calculated and accurate survey, surveyors require various survey equipment to help them with their surveying services. Surveying equipment works in assisting land surveyors and engineers to accurately measure certain things such as angles, elevation, boundaries, and to ensure accuracy in their work.

With surveying equipment, the surveyor can carry out their work more precisely, faster and in a less tedious manner.

Survipod Products

Survipod Engineering Solutions LTD carry a range of surveying equipment products. Here are some of our products and how they work.

The Original Survipod

Survipod surveying equipment in use

The Original Survipod is a modernized setting out tool which replaces the conventional tripod. This tool works as a strong, stable platform for surveyors, enabling accurate and consistency for site set-out.

Survipod Levelling Tamp

The Survipod Levelling Tamp helps engineers determine the accurate level of concrete that should be maintained throughout the placing process.

Since it is made from aluminum and lightweight, surveyors can easily carry it around and seamlessly oversee that the concrete levels are accurately maintained all the way through.

Survipod Boltfix

The Survipod Boltfix is another innovative setting out tool engineered to provide ease of use and security for users. It offers a strong and stable platform for engineers to carry out site set out on any structure. It can be used on both Steel Frame Structures and Concrete Frame Structures.

The Survipod Boltfix can be easily fastened on to any concrete surface. You get a stable platform to place or install your choice of instrument and swiftly start your work.

Robotic Total Stations

Simple in concept, a Robotic Total Station (RTS) is a Total Station that allows remote operation. This means you only need one operator and can perform far more calculations and inspections in less time than with a traditional Total Station.

When it comes to surveying, having the right quality equipment is vital. Whether it be for measuring distances, angles, or elevations, with the right equipment you will be able to carry out the work faster and with more accuracy. For more information on Survipod surveying equipment – Click here.