Survipod is a significant site setting out tool used for building construction and monitoring, broadly used by engineers to obtain precise architectural and structural plan positioning. The sole purpose of setting out tools is to develop the physical position and level of walls, services & corners of the building. They greatly help in transforming dimensions into a perfect layout plan.

Setting out a building plan accurately is indeed one of the crucial steps in construction and any error causes considerable problems. Before Survipod, most engineers used to work with conventional setting out tools which failed to provide a stable platform on adverse flooring conditions such as formwork or ribdeck. This resulted in systematic and random errors and further caused inaccuracy in determining actual length, level & angle. Survipod, with its monopod design, is a pioneering technology and expertly accredited for its good practice in building & construction.

One wouldn’t deny the fact that successful setting out requires great accuracy even in adverse weather & rough conditions. Survipod is an exceptionally accurate setting out tool, broadly used by numerous large concrete and steel erection companies to conduct precise layout without causing unacceptable errors.

The Survipod is fabricated from mild steel with a tapered end and a flat plate welded on the top. The surveying equipment can be secured on the flat plate via a standard 5/8” screw thread. The two handlebars give you the convenience to carry it anywhere and aid installation & removal. Weighing only 11 Kgs, it is simultaneously durable and extremely lightweight. An engineer can easily transfer it from one location to another. Thus, making it an excellent value for money.

The uncomplicated design and subtle mechanism make Survipod a sturdy tool to be used without any special training. They are reliable and trusted to support surveying equipment for all surveying scenarios. Some of the fields that Survipod has proved to be very effective are:

  • Railway Monitoring
  • Concrete Frame Layout
  • Steel frame layout
  • Plumbing and electrical service layout
  • Building monitoring
  • Site control

Since Survipod is manufactured from superior mild steel, as a customer, you won’t be disappointed with the quality & durability; making it long-lasting and better functioning setting out platform than a tripod.