The Survipod Boltfix 90


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Introducing the Survipod Boltfix 90, an innovative setting out tool that provides a stable platform for site set out engineers on any structure. Developed by Survipod Engineering Solutions Ltd, this cutting-edge bolt fix solution is simply bolted to vertical steel or concrete, creating a secure base for your surveying equipment.

Screw your total station, Dumpy, or Laser level onto the stainless-steel thread atop the Boltfix 90 for improved consistency, increased speed, and significant protection for your valuable surveying equipment. The Survipod Boltfix can also be bolted to high-level structures for permanent monitoring.

Survipod products prevent costly falls, provide long-term monitoring solutions, and are built to last. Experience unmatched stability and precision with the Survipod Boltfix 90. 

Also available replacement Boltfix Anchors

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394mm x 500mm; 500mm Offset
150 x 150mm top plate
76mm OD tube
Weight 11kg




What is the Survipod Boltfix 90, and how does it help setting out engineers?

The Survipod Boltfix 90 is an innovative setting out tool designed to provide site set out engineers with a highly stable platform on both steel frame and concrete frame structures. It is easily bolted to vertical steel or concrete walls, ensuring a secure foundation for surveying instruments like total stations, dumpy levels, or laser levels. The Boltfix 90 improves consistency in results, increases speed and efficiency, and enhances protection for valuable surveying equipment.

What are the key benefits of using the Survipod Boltfix 90?

The key benefits of the Survipod Boltfix 90 include:

  1. Prevention of costly instrument falls, saving time and money
  2. Provision of a stable platform for accurate layout and monitoring
  3. Offering a durable, long-term solution for surveying equipment when used and maintained correctly
  4. Enabling permanent monitoring of high-level structures

What types of surveying instruments can be used with the Survipod Boltfix 90?

The Survipod Boltfix 90 is compatible with various surveying instruments, such as total stations, dumpy levels, and laser levels. The stainless-steel thread on top of the Boltfix allows for quick and easy attachment of your preferred instrument.

Are replacement parts available for the Survipod Boltfix 90?

Yes, replacement Boltfix Anchors are available, ensuring that you can continue to rely on the Survipod Boltfix 90 for all your setting out and monitoring needs.

What types of structures is the Survipod Boltfix 90 suitable for?

The Survipod Boltfix 90 is suitable for both steel frame and concrete frame structures. It is the ultimate stable tool for setting out engineers and professionals in the surveying industry, regardless of the structure type.

Does Survipod™ offer worldwide delivery for the Boltfix 90?

Yes, Survipod™ delivers worldwide and has priced various delivery rates for Europe, USA & Canada, and the Rest of World. They use various reputable delivery companies, depending on the destination.

What are the delivery costs for the Survipod Boltfix 90?

The delivery prices for the Survipod Boltfix 90 are as follows:

  • €30 for UK and Ireland
  • €40 for Europe
  • €80 for USA and Canada
  • €100 for Rest of World

For full delivery details, click on the “Delivery” tab on the respective product page.


€30 UK and Ireland
€40 Europe
€80 USA and Canada
€100 Rest of world

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