• The Original SurvipodB The Original SurvipodA
    The Original Survipod™ is an innovative setting out tool which replaces the conventional and often unstable tripod. It acts as a robust and stable platform, enabling accuracy and consistency for site set-out engineers. The Survipod is simply dropped into a cast in sleeve, which has been cast into a column or wall on the structure. The Engineers instrument of choice, be it a Total Station, Dumpy, Laser level etc, is then screwed onto the stainless steel thread located on top of the Original Survipod. This offers the preferred platform for the engineer to begin setting out. Wish to know more about The Original Survipod or the Survipod suite of solutions?
  • Survipod Boltfix Setting Out Tool B Boltfix Setting Out Tool
    The Survipod Boltfix setting out tool is another innovative tool used to provide a stable platform for a site set out engineer on any structure- Steel Frame or Concrete Frame. Boltfix from Survipod Engineering is simply bolted to the steel or bolted down to the concrete. The instrument of choice (total station, Dumpy or Laser level) is then screwed onto the Stainless-Steel thread on top of the Boltfix. The setting out engineer is provided with an exceptionally durable solution via Boltfix, ultimately offering improved consistency in setting out results, increased speed of the process, and of course significant added protection of your setting out equipment. The Survipod Boltfix offers the added advantage of reducing the likelihood of instrument theft on busy pedestrian walkways external to site boundaries. Also available replacement Boltfix Anchors
  • Survipod Levelling Tamp Tool B Survipod Levelling Tamp Tool 500x650
    The Survipod Concrete Levelling Tamp is used to accurately determine the level of concrete while placing. It’s lightweight design, made from aluminium makes it easy to handle over longer periods, while ensuring accuracy of concrete levels are maintained.
  • Survipod CastinSleeveLrg Openend Survipod Cast In Sleeve
    The Survipod Cast In Sleeve provides stability to the Original Survipod. It is dropped into the wet concrete of a column or wall during forming, in desired set out location and levelled with a spirit level. The Original Survipod is then used in conjunction with the Survipod Cast In Sleeve.
  • Survipod Skyreach Adapter B Survipod Skyreach Adapter
    The All New Survipod Skyreach Adapter is an adapter used to collar the base of the Original Survipod to enable its use in a Skyreach sleeve from Combisafe. The adapter is bolted onto the bottom of the Survipod. It is then dropped into the Skyreach sleeve which can be used as a platform to set out a structure accurately.
  • Survipod Boltfix Anchors single Survipod Boltfix Anchors500x650
    Survipod Boltfix Jab Anchors are a Non Expansion Anchor for heavy duty fixing into Concrete, Brick and Concrete Block. Easy to install and remove. The Survipod Boltfix Anchors are supplied in packs of 30 with washers M8x75mm long (Pack of 30 inc. washers) Used in conjunction with The Boltfix setting out tool