Survipod survey monitoring equipment eliminates the need of a tripod for building surveying and monitoring. Survipod has been setting up a solid benchmark in the construction industry with impeccable calibration. Now engineers have a better tool to monitor the construction site and from the best position.

The unique facet of Survipod lies in its ergonomic design which lets you capture everything around you precisely. Since Survipod consists of a single-pole instead of a three-legged stand, it allows easy maneuvering and can work even in a tight area. Our original Survipod is a pioneering surveying platform which replaces the conventional/unstable tripod. In addition, Survipod saves you the hassle of tripod setup and can be easily implemented with little effort. Once implemented into the structure or foundation, it acts as a robust & stable platform to ensure consistency & accuracy for site engineers.

Key features of Survipod Survey Monitoring Equipment:-

1-Survipod is durable and can work in unpredictable conditions. They can be attested to rough terrain and withstand severe weather. So whatever the field condition is, Survipod will offer decent stability and yield unbeatable performance and accuracy.
2-Survipod Provides the Utmost Stability. Stability is difficult to find during concrete or steel frame construction. This is where Survipod becomes particularly important to work on a concrete or steel surface.
3-Affordable, portable and lightweight. Being made from durable material, Survipod is lightweight and portable enough to be carried anywhere.

Should you use Survipod as your chosen platform?

Survipod is state of the art equipment particularly envisioned to support and stabilize your surveying equipment while standing in one place. The majority of engineers have acknowledged the fact that Survipod has made them more acute and productive in their construction task. You’ll surely find Survipod useful in the any surveying task, layout or monitoring. To purchase Survipod survey monitoring equipment, click here.