What is Survipod Surveying Equipment?

Survipod is a piece of surveying equipment which aims to replace the traditional tripod. The tripod is usually used on building sites along with a concrete pad when engaging in setting out or layout work. In contrast, the Survipod is put to use with an already existing concrete structure on the building site. Survipod aims to eradicate costly insurance claims, damaged equipment, unstable tripods, and unsound platforms. Survipod now have created many other engineering solution products including the Survipod Boltfix, the Survipod Boltfix 90, the Offset Survipod, and the Survipod Skyreach Adapter. For a full list of all Survipod products and information click here.

What is Surveying Equipment used for?

Professionals use surveying equipment on site to achieve accurate measurements when determining the positioning of points, distance, and angles of an area. Surveying equipment assists professionals when determining property boundaries, preparing surface location for construction sites or for other purposes required by the government or civil law.

What is setting out/layout work in surveying?

Setting out or layout work in surveying is the activity of levelling and positioning of building lines and road alignments. This work is the transfer of the building design on to the actual land for the builders to be able to follow during the construction process. As a result, they can ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

What are the tools used for setting out?

The tools used for setting out a building are:

  1. Theodolites – An instrument which is effective for precision when measuring and marking out the angles both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Measuring Tape – used for demarcating the external building wall extents and partitioning the internal wall.
  3. Spirit Level – To determine the horizontal and vertical levels and to ensure they are accurate.
  4. Nylon String – Demarcates the building extent and wall thickness.
  5. Lime Powder – The powder used for making the foundation walling and positioning column footing for further digging.

Where do Survipod deliver?

Survipod deliver worldwide with prices varying depending on the location. Survipod surveying equipment have resellers based all over the world including Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Italy, Canada, and UAE. For more information on our Survipod resellers and how to become one, click here.