The construction industry is undoubtedly a cut-throat industry of fierce competition. There’s a constant pressure to maintain precision and keep the operating cost as minimal as possible. Although construction companies require an abundance of quality building equipment, amongst all types of required equipment, surveying equipment plays a fundamental role for the foundation of almost every small & large scale construction project. Survipod surveying equipment has been designed to improve building safety, stability, speed and accuracy when on site.

Surveying Equipment

Survipod is a result of constant evolution. Compared to the conventional tripod, Survipod surveying equipment is strong enough to withstand a substantial amount of exploitation (i.e. adverse weather conditions) and for surveyors, they get a better tool for measurement with utmost precision. The sole credit goes to its monopod design, which offers millimetre accuracy in measurement and a foundation for high-quality work.

In addition to this, Survipod minimizes the timeframe required for setup and eases the stress of surveying. It is sturdily built to handle maximum force and can be used/operated by one individual.

Key features of Survipod Surveying Equipment:-

Survipod surveying equipment is a revolutionary approach and the most practical method available for survey implementation and equipment services. Through decades of experience with a conventional tripod, concerns were raised regarding the stability, practicality and possible security risk to the equipment. Thus, the Survipod surveying equipment has several advantages compared to conventional tripods as mentioned below:

  • It Is A Risk Reduction. The Survipod is bolted on the ground which provides better stability and minimizes the risk of falling.
  • Set up at Any Location. Survipod monopod design gives you the privilege to install in a location that is hard to reach and difficult to implement. It doesn’t take much space and can be installed very quickly.
  • Designed to Provide Better Overview. From low heights to high heights, Survipod is capable of providing very sharp results & clear overview of the construction.

Inaccessible areas become accessible. It is better, more affordable, durable and much more reliable for everyday construction purposes. Hence, if you are involved in the construction industry anywhere in the world, get your hands on the latest surveying equipment, Survipod.