In the world of modern marvels, the significance of building surveying tools and equipment is something that cannot be ignored and is required by engineers & architects to achieve the utmost precision.

SURVIPOD Survey Monitoring Equipment is one of our company particular specialism and expertly accredited as the finest tool for construction detail and measurement. Since our gear is ergonomically designed to efficiently serve the purpose, it surpasses the conventional tripod and has been the foremost choice in a larger variety of structures and buildings.

The Original SurvipodC

Increased stability, improved accuracy, speed and sturdy built quality – SURVIPOD survey monitoring equipment has every aspect that an engineer usually looks for while selecting building surveying tools and equipment.

Since surveyors often need to make multiple site visits in order to gather data and ensuring precision, they need reliable equipment that can withstand time and deliver uncompromising performance. This is exactly where SURVIPOD survey monitoring equipment comes into existence.

The Benefits of Using Survipod Surveying Tools and Equipment

#1 It Eradicates Costly Insurance Claim: The built quality of the equipment ensures longevity and durability and can withstand adverse weatherly conditions. Hence, eradicating the costly insurance claim.

#2 You Do Away with Unstable Platform: The very design of SURVIPOD replaces the conventional tripod and saves you from unwanted interference and movement. It is easy to set up, easy to move and doesn’t require much effort to get familiar.

#3 Saves Time, Cost and Labour: Traditional/conventional surveying equipment was costly and labor-intensive too. SURVIPOD is one single equipment that can be easily bolted to steel or concrete and fervently used to complete all the tasks in a single day.

#4 SURVIPOD Can Be Used Extensively On Several Projects: It’s broadly recommended by experts for profile engineering and concrete formwork projects such as precise leveling, real-time measuring, crack monitoring, 3D evaluation, ground foundation, and deformation monitoring.