Survipod is the ‘Next Big Thing’ for construction setting out tool accessories and it is innovatively designed to replace the conventional & unstable tripod. It’s a masterpiece for engineers and broadly used for EDM instruments, rotating laser, and 3D scanners. The monopod design of Survipod works impeccably even in tight areas of concrete & steel surface. Above all, the one-legged design gives engineers an edge over conventional surveying tools and convenience to carry it anywhere. Thus, making the whole process effective with rapid turnaround time and also improvise the level of adeptness & productivity.

Being a leading innovative organization for developing the SURVIPOD construction setting out tools, we are well-aware of the nitty-gritty of the construction industry and have also introduced promising tools to use along with ‘The Original Survipod.’ These tools fulfill the demand of engineers and provide them with extra stability & sturdiness. Through state of the art equipment, your professionals can easily discover the boundary line and can easily conduct subdivision surveys.

Some of our construction setting out tools

(a) Survipod™ Skyreach Adapter The sole purpose of Skyreach adapter is an adapter used to collar the base of the Original Survipod to enable its use in a Skyreach sleeve from Combisafe. The adapter is bolted onto the bottom of the Survipod. It is then dropped into the Skyreach sleeve which can be used as a platform to set out a structure accurately.

Survipod™ Skyreach Adapter

(b) Survipod™ Cast In SleeveThe Survipod Cast In Sleeve provides stability to the Original Survipod. It is dropped into the wet concrete of a column, wall or foundation during forming, in the desired set out location and levelled with a spirit level. The Original Survipod is then used in conjunction with the Survipod Cast In Sleeve.

Survipod™ Cast In Sleeve

(c) Survipod™ Levelling Tamp A perfect tool to master the art of accurate concrete levelling. Survipod levelling tamp has had a big impact on the final accuracy results and helps engineers pay attention & maintain utmost precision while levelling the concrete. Along with that, it is easy-to-use, extremely lightweight, and the solid handle gives improved gripping & control. Consequently, making it much more efficient than using a timber alternative.

Survipod™ Levelling Tamp