The Original Survipod™ is a groundbreaking setting out tool that replaces the conventional and often unstable tripod. This innovative solution provides a robust and stable platform, ensuring accuracy and consistency for site set-out engineers. Key benefits of the Original Survipod™ include:
  • Prevents costly instrument falls, saving you time and money
  • Provides a stable platform for accurate layout and monitoring
  • Offers a durable, long-term solution for surveying equipment when used and maintained correctly
  • Serves as an ideal total station stand for precise measurements
To use the Original Survipod™, simply drop it into a cast-in sleeve, which has been cast into a column or wall on the structure. Attach your preferred surveying instrument, such as a Total Station, Dumpy, or Laser level, onto the stainless steel thread located on top of the Survipod, and begin setting out with unparalleled accuracy and stability.
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